Alejandro Casanova

Alejandro Casanova was born in Valencia (Spain) in 1981.

In the capital of Turia, he studied fine arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia where he was noted for his brilliant academic technique. After his undergraduate studies, he moved to Tenerife where he continued his training in higher education and obtained the Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA), while obtaining several research grants.
His first solo exhibition was held in 2005 in Valencia, at the age of 24, and since then he has continued to participate in individual and group projects in which he has received numerous awards and prizes.

Alejandro Casanova - Agency3 Gallery - artstudio

The artist, through his paintings, invites us to breathe and feel the suggestive atmosphere peculiar to sometimes oppressive indoor environments. These portraits summarize the emotions. They represent everyday life, a contemplation in a mirror, the contact of bare feet with the tiles, an afternoon on a terrace, contact with hot water, resting on a couch, a dog.
Casanova represents those times when we are all talking to our fears within, our anxieties and our loneliness. He uses nudity for us to understand that it is only in these moments that we enjoy almost absolute freedom, then we get rid of all the artifices, and of our clothes. Casanova vigorously paints, revealing the strokes of brushes and knives, and textures that are specific of expressionism, without dwelling on details…

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